You have more reasons to choose to write your certification with us. Our preparation, cheaper offers and arrangement, as well as our exams options etc. makes our candidates more comfortable and abled throughout their stay with us.



training & coaching

At Maxim Nyansa, we don’t just sell exams but we rather prepare you very well through training and coaching for at least 6 weeks before you write the EXIN certification exam.

At maxim Nyansa, we do train registered candidates for virtually free so as to ensure or guarantee that these candidates get certified through a smooth training and certification process.


cheaper offers

special arrangement

Because of our Social Foundation status EXIN international has a special arrangement for West Africa countries through Maxim Nyansa in Ghana in terms of service price. That is to say that the cost of (training and certification) through Maxim Nyansa is relatively cheaper to that of EXIN International.

The relatively cheaper training and Certification cost at Maxim Nyansa is further discounted to make it more affordable for both students and professionals in Ghana and the rest of West Africa to patronage.




Paper base exam is available with all its conveniences and benefits, especially the avoidance of internet instability with its associating rescheduling and rewriting of exams